Whole process international agent supply chain (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Specializing in international air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation, rail transportation, cross-border e-commerce logistics, whole container transportation, container consolidation transportation, bulk cargo transportation, international express package, FBA head trip, business address head trip, overseas warehouse, providing door-to-door receipt, door-to-door, port to port, door-to-port and other services. There are 30 days of storage free in China
railway transportation

One belt, one road, China and Europe, are the trains of international container transport through the fixed train number and line, and the other countries are connected with the European and other countries. Starting from China, it passes through Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain and other countries, with fast timeliness and stable price

ocean shipping

We undertake the whole process transportation business of import and export, rely on the information system, provide whole container and LCL services from Chinese ports to all over the world, and adopt the one-stop sea, land and air intermodal mode to deliver the goods to the destination safely and quickly. Trailer, inspection, customs declaration, warehousing, insurance and customs clearance documents and other corresponding one-stop services.
        air transport

Dozens of international well-known airlines in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other airports have direct flights and transit air import and export business all over the world. Including the end of the joint five international express, to provide you with high-quality, effective and fast one-stop service.

         road transport

The company has many partners all over the country. The company has its own fleet in Shenzhen, which can provide door-to-door receiving and safe transportation to the designated port and designated area.

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Whole process
transportation logistics

Main products: Japan special line, Southeast Asia special line, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, America, Singapore, the Middle East, Africa, and other countries
Strong transportation capacity
With a registered capital of 8 million yuan, the company has more than 10 years of professional domestic transportation services, more than 50 vehicles, more than 60 sets of logistics equipment, a strong storage and accommodation point, and a headquarters of more than 1.5 square meters. The company has established partnership with many overseas agents, and its business network is all over the world.
Professional logistics services
Our company has a leading information system, which can be seen in the whole process, so that you can master the accurate progress of each business at any time. Strict process system, eliminate errors and accidents in system, improve emergency handling mechanism and guarantee system, and resolve losses in time.
social resources
With a customer service team of more than 200 people and professional factory service, we undertake the whole process transportation business of import and export. Relying on the information system, we provide whole container and LCL services from various ports in China to all over the world, and adopt the intermodal mode of one station by sea, land and air to deliver the goods to the destination safely and quickly.
Complete project

Since the establishment of the company

More than 300 engineering cooperation projects have been completed
Service clients

Since the establishment of the company

Complete the transportation of more than 100 enterprises
Company vehicles

58 vehicles,
with an annual throughput of more than 500000 tons
Professional team

More than 300 professional teams

More than 300 projects have been completed in total
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Regional vehicle transportation
The whole process international agent takes the Pearl River Delta as the center to transport to various ports in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and other places to ensure timeliness
Valuables escort
The company has strong transportation capacity, strong strength and reasonable price. Our company can pay a certain risk deposit according to the actual volume of goods, and valuables can be escorted by special personnel.
Improve supply management
Relying on the strong cargo transportation, onshore resources and the overall strength of overseas institutions, extend and improve the logistics supply chain management to win the trust of customers.
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